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Intuitive Painting

Intuitive painting is a style of painting that promotes connecting to your intuition and using it to find your own style. You tune into your intuition and shut off the part of your mind that is self-conscious, judgmental, and fearful. This allows you to really put your true self on canvas.

I learned about this technique from a book called Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley. She is an incredible artist, author, and teacher. She recommends freeing your process by not going into a painting with any ideas of what you want your finished product to look like. You just paint whatever comes to you and there are no mistakes!

My Process:

Every day I find patterns, designs, and shapes that I like and am inspired by. I try to take pictures or save them somehow to put on my inspiration board. I can then pull from my board as I want to incorporate them into my artwork. This can even be an item that you want to paint with!

Before I begin an intuitive painting session, I like to start by setting up my work space with all my materials out where they are easily accessible. I make myself some tea and light a good smelling candle. I like to do yoga or meditate-it’s about quieting my mind and bringing me to my center. Just before I begin my painting, I turn on some music, usually something I can sing or dance along to.

I usually work on two canvases at a time so that while one is drying, I can be painting the other. This just helps me stay in my painting mindset, so I don't lose my flow. I paint in layers, separating cool colors, warm colors, and pinks/purples. Each category of colors has its own layer to avoid muddy colors. I then add a layer of white and black. In this layer, I add more detailed designs including things I have saved from my inspiration board. After this layer, I will add another color or a couple of colors on top of it all. I basically stop painting when I feel that it is finished.

I love that this style allows me to let go of my fears, insecurities, and perfectionism to create freely. I recommend this style for anyone really wanting to let go and create! You'll be surprised what you end up with!

For more information about Intuitive Painting, I would pick up one of Flora Bowley’s books! She also has a great class up on CreativeBug!

How do you let go and create?

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